Benzinga Fintech Summit: The Future Of Capital
Thursday, November 14, 2018


Investing: Insights from leaders building next-generation capital markets

Topics include:

  • Wall Street 2049: What Does The Trading Desk Of The Future Look Like?
  • Leveling The Playing Field: Fintech For Retail Traders
  • The Impact Of Cryptocurrency On Trading
  • Building The Next Generation Brokerage
  • Big Data, Big Returns

Moving Money: How fintech is creating a global payments ecosystem

Topics include:

  • The Technology Creating A Global Payments Ecosystem
  • Global Payments: How To Get A Slice Of The Trillion-Dollar Pie
  • Sprinting The Marathon: Instant Transfers And The Blockchain

Capital (Lending): How technology is changing finance’s perspective on lending

Topics include:

  • How Big Data Is Powering The Future Of Lending
  • The New Generation Of Lenders: How Non-Banks Are Making Billions
  • Thinking Small To Grow Big: The Potential Of Small Dollar Lending