Philip Brittan

@ General Partner of Crazy Peak & Fmr. Thomson Reuters CTO

Philip Brittan is a business and technology leader who has contributed to the FinTech space for nearly 30 years, with a mix of entrepreneurial and big company experience—from making angel investments and establishing software start-ups to managing large-scale globally-distributed teams with multibillion-dollar budgeting and revenue.

Philip began his career as a serial entrepreneur CEO, founding and running three start-up companies beginning with Fenics, a software for pricing and risk analytics of Foreign Exchange Options. Next, he created Spheresoft, which developed software apps and products for financial institutions and FinTech vendors. Philip’s third start-up, Droplets, was a pioneer in the Rich Internet Applications segment holding patents to a number of foundational features of the interactive web, which it licenses to brand-name technology firms.

The second half of Philip’s career has been geared toward larger FinTech efforts and situation turnaround. He led the growth of Bloomberg’s Foreign Exchange business from entering the FX market to establishing a leadership position. He then oversaw Google Finance and a portion of Google Local Search.

In 2011, Philip joined Thomson Reuters, where he successfully turned around the flagship financial desktop, Eikon. He then went on to unite a fragmented software development and operations effort as Chief Technology Officer and Global Head of Platform of the Financial and Risk Division at Thomson Reuters.

Today, Philip is the General Partner of Crazy Peak LLC, an early technology business investment and advisory firm. Philip holds an A.B. cum laude in Computer Science from Harvard University. He is an accredited Financial Risk Manager, a member of the Global Association of Risk Professionals and PathNorth, and a former member of the Young Entrepreneurs Organization.

Philip grew up on a ranch in Montana and now lives in the suburbs of New York City. He enjoys outdoor sports and composing music.